I don’t have a style. I illustrate all sorts of different things for all sorts of different companies. I create using a mix of things like adobe illustrator and photoshop, and sometimes a bit of 3D modelling using blender.

Vector illustration for brochure and web use.
Printing company floor layout of machinery. Vector illustration.
Munch Bunch children’s story book illustration
Instruction leaflet
Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Laminated materials showing textures.
Vector illustration based on low resolution photograph.
Chocolate shapes drawn as vector graphics for exhibition panels. (mosaic effect added to prevent unauthorised use)
Sandvik box, with illustrated postcard design and 3D modelled box finished in photoshop.
3D modelled neon signage for marketing assets.
Vector illustration based on 3D modelling.
Orthographic cabinet projection style vector diagram.
3D model as the basis for a scale drawing for manufacturing guidance.
Star Contributors logo design; 3D modelling and assets
Water splash. Vector and pixels. From my royalty free portfolio.
A slow boiled frog. Vector. From my royalty free portfolio.
Vector illustration of baked goods for brochure and exhibition use.
Logo designs
Summer email header graphic. Vector.
(Polly) Promo Parrot email images. Vector.

Further illustration examples can be found in my royalty free portfolio work.

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